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Buying Your Stock as Easy as Online Shopping.

Orbiton streamlines the stock purchasing process, enabling investors to buy shares directly using their credit card.


Direct Stock Purchase via Credit Card

Investors can directly purchase stocks using their credit card, bypassing traditional brokerage accounts. Our buy first verify later approach reduces over 90% of the friction from purchasing your stock. Allowing anyone, anywhere, to immediately buy while its hot. Track the source of your investors with our indepth analytics.

QR Code Integration

Easily embeddable QR codes for marketing materials, enabling instant access to stock purchases at conferences or live events.

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Social Media Integration

Shareable links for social media platforms, like Twitter, allowing followers to buy stocks in response to company news and updates.

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Website Integration

Simple integration tools to add 'Buy Stock' buttons on company websites, providing a straightforward path for investment.

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Real-Time Processing

Transactions are processed in real time, ensuring immediate execution of stock purchases.

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Secure Transactions

Robust security measures to protect investor data and ensure transaction integrity.

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KYC Verification with Flexible Stock Claiming

Integrated KYC process to meet regulatory compliance and safeguard against fraud. Investors can hold their stocks within Orbiton until they complete KYC, with the option to transfer to their brokerage account later.

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